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Midbrook are a highly skilled, diverse construction company, located in the Midlands, which provides an ideal hub from which to offer our unique and professional design, surveying and installation services across the UK.

As a small, privately owned, customer-focussed business, we pride ourselves on exceptional customer service and benefit from a substantial and highly motivated and experienced team that enables us to meet the disparate needs of our ever-expanding client base from a range of different industries.

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While we offer a wide range of services, it could be said that mezzanine flooring is our specialism and Midbrook offer affordable, effective and quality mezzanine floor solutions for those seeking additional space. We regularly design and install mezzanine floors for those seeking to increase storage, production or office space. Whatever your individual needs and demands you can be sure that Midbrook will be able to come up with a solution to meet your requirements and exceed your expectations.


Midbrook understand the need for space and the desire to avoid costly and time-consuming extensions or relocations. The solution is often there, within your existing building in the very air between the roof and your floor. By installation a Midbrook mezzanine floor you will be making a wise investment in what is inarguably the most cost-effective way to maximise your building’s potential, give yourself a dramatic increase in workable space and bring enhanced efficiency and segregation of tasks to your operation. Midbrook are experts in the installation of industrial mezzanine floors, warehouse mezzanine flooring and retail mezzanine floors alike and no matter what your desired final result we can draw up a plan and execute an installation to match.

Mezzanine floors are ideally suited to industrial buildings as they benefit from suitably high ceilings. This is why a large percentage of our clients occupy small or medium sized warehouses, retail units or other commercial buildings. Mezzanine floors often avoid the need for costly and time-consuming planning applications and can be put together with minimal disruption and down time as most of the components are manufactured off-site to exact specifications.

Mezzanine floors offer incredible flexibility and there are all manner of racking systems on the market that will turn your mezzanine into a bespoke storage space. Alternatively many of our clients use their mezzanines for office space that is quieter as it is distanced from the noisy operations on the warehouse floor. Full fire protection, the installation of safety barriers and modification for access are all offered as part of the service to suit whatever needs your business might have.

Midbrook have successfully worked with clients from a wide variety of sectors, many of whom become repeat customers as we treat every job with the same passion and dedication and each client gets the benefit of our many years’ experience. Based in Derby Midbrook very much operate as a local business, with customers in Sheffield, NorthamptonNottingham, Stoke and Leicester while offering nationwide coverage.

Midbrook’s turnaround times are very fast and yet attention to detail and quality of installation are never sacrificed. All Midbrook mezzanines and ancillary products are carefully selected for quality, safety and durability. Once installed and adapted to your workplace you will wonder how you ever managed without your mezzanine floor.

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