There are very few businesses in any sector that could, hand on heart, say that they do not need any extra space. Whether you have a warehouse that needs a reshuffle, allowing for more efficient segregation of working practices, or simply more space for inventory or supplies, or even a separate floor of offices, allowing for quieter working areas a mezzanine floor is an incredibly attractive solution. Mezzanine floors are inarguably the most cost-effective space-creating solution available as they take advantage of completely free ‘air space’ in your existing building. With the cost of other extension types very high and planning consent needed (it usually isn’t with mezzanine floors) and the cost and inconvenience of complete relocation often prohibitive many businesses across the UK have looked to take advantage of the many benefits of a mezzanine floor instead.

Great flexibility

Of the many great advantages of mezzanine floors, one of the greatest is their inherent flexibility. Often manufactured using steel components, this means mezzanines can be easily adjusted going forward if you require a different layout. The great loading capacity of steel makes it perfect for the various applications you may consider for your own mezzanine, allowing for storage of even heavy and bulky items.

A bird’s eye view

Sometimes just by changing perspective you can get a completely different look at how your warehouse is being run and where improvements could be made. A mezzanine floor offers great potential for warehouse managers to keep an eye on the day-to-day running of the operation to ensure optimal efficiency and pinpoint any changes that may manifest in positive results.

Rest and recreation area

One option that is currently very popular in industrial mezzanine floors is apportioning at least a part of the mezzanine floor for a recreation area for employees including a quieter, cleaner area to eat their lunch or take a coffee break. This has a marked positive impact on morale and can lead to better working practice, hygiene and reduced downtime.

Value added investment

A mezzanine floor can do more than provide extra room. Used in a specific way it can help you to stock more goods, organise the stock more effectively and keep the supply chain moving more efficiently, allowing for a boost in sales and more efficient picking of orders. With the world constantly moving at a faster pace and reviews from customers largely focusing on speed of delivery from order date, this can only be good for business.

Better segregation for safety and efficiency

Especially true in warehousing, but also in any industrial and commercial building, good segregation of distinct working practices is essential for efficiency, safety and flow of goods in and out. Adding a mezzanine floor can help free up space on the ground floor for safer use of forklifts, better segregation of goods going in and out and a generally safer and calmer working environment, reducing the risk of accident and injury but also increasing operational efficiency.