You might say we are biased, but you don’t need to take our word for it, the evidence is everywhere – a mezzanine floor is one of the most efficient ways you can increase the working space of your warehouse. When your floor space is maxed out and any extra storage would create liabilities, inefficiencies and inconveniences where do you look to? Costly new premises? An expensive extension? No. You look to that free air space that is already there within your existing building. Free from business rates, potentially exempt from time-consuming planning permission applications and relatively inexpensive to convert into workable space – the solution is a mezzanine floor.

warehouse mezzanine floorJust what you choose to do with a mezzanine floor will depend on the unique requirements of your business. Many warehouses utilise the space in a variety of ways, from increased office space away from the melee of the main operation, rest and relaxation areas to boost staff morale and of course a separate storage space for efficient separation and picking of valuable inventory. The beauty of a mezzanine floor is that it allows for great flexibility and you can cherry pick your layout to suit your own unique requirements, while also allowing for relatively easy adaptations going forward should you change your mind, or circumstances.

A warehouse mezzanine has so many profound benefits, not least is the ability to provide a literal platform from which to cast an expert eye over warehouse operations with a view to improving layout down below and spotting other ways to boost efficiency and safety in the building. Warehouse mezzanines are also a great way to provide increased segregation of inventory types by creating a tailor-made storage facility in isolation from the rest of the space. There are also so many excellent racking and storage systems available for mezzanine floors that enable the storage of all manner of inventory items. Mezzanine floors benefit from great robustness, facilitating the storage of bulky and heavy items if necessary.

All warehouses benefit from clever segregation of distinct operations and inventory as well as keeping a decent distance between goods coming in and goods going out of the warehouse. Having a mezzanine floor installed will allow you to think carefully about how you can use the extra space to boost efficiency in this regard, augment safety in your warehouse and provide quieter office space or relaxation areas to boost morale. The potential a mezzanine floor offers is quite remarkable.

The installation of a mezzanine floor is so incredibly cost-effective in achieving optimal use of space in small and medium sized warehouses and the disruption caused is so much smaller than relocating. Mezzanine floors designed and installed by Midbrook benefit from the many years of experience within the company, leading to intelligent design that suits the disparate needs of clients from many different sectors, helping them to maximise operational efficiency and safety in their warehouses. Some warehouses with a very high ceiling can even benefit from tiered mezzanines, which allow for all manner of flexible solutions to space requirements.