As a warehouse owner or manager you will be all too familiar with the constant need to magic up new space where space is at a premium. Often you are forced to sacrifice important working areas for the sake of vital storage space. Expansion jobs can be incredibly time-consuming and expensive, with planning permission needed and maybe even the purchase of a bigger plot or higher rentals. Fortunately there is a far more cost effective option in the addition of mezzanine floors. They usually bypass the emotionally draining, time-consuming and costly planning applications because they are freestanding additions.

Mezzanine floors are also exempt from costly business rates as well as being relatively cheap to install. The cost of mezzanine floors can be as low as £70-75 per square metre. When it comes to very high warehouses, you also have the possibility of a multi-tiered system. In such cases a mezzanine construction can add multiple floors to any structure that is under 200 square metres without needing planning permission.

Mezzanine floors, when introduced into a busy warehouse will allow for ultra-efficient segregation of tasks. You will be able to retain or introduce rooms and spaces away from the carnage of noise that can be overwhelming, depending on the business of the space. This sort of separation of storage, manual work and office work will undoubtedly be a boost to productivity, mental health and happiness of workers and may even serve to reduce the likelihood of accidents in the workplace.

In order to make your mezzanine floors safer you will need to add protective guards and handrails, while gravity chutes and conveyor systems are the go to option when it comes for moving stock quickly between floors. You will also need to consult with a structural engineer to design the mezzanine and they will also provide calculations and information for building regulations.

Owing to the fact that most warehouses benefit from high ceilings, they are perfectly suited for mezzanine floors. Mezzanine flooring is constructed in such a way that it is incredibly durable and robust, allowing for exceptional weight to strength rations, representing a superb option for storing heavy machinery and inventory, freeing up space in other areas at a very permissible cost.

A well-installed mezzanine floor will not only be flexible in terms of moving them in the future, they are also very easily customizable, which really is the ultimate convenience. The best providers and installers of mezzanine floors also stock and install a wide variety of racking systems, which will help keep inventory organized and save valuable time used for trying to find all manner of stock in less ordered storage spaces.

In addition to all of the business-aiding benefits of increasing your storage space with a mezzanine floor, you will also be actively participating in a sustainable expansion system. The UK government has actively promoted the maximization of the footprint in current warehouse spaces. This is because mezzanines are viewed as more sustainable solutions to the need for business expansions. As such you can save costs, space, and money and be relatively sustainable at the same time.