Located in the Midlands, Midbrook are a construction company blessed with years of experience and a high level of skill. The Midlands base proves ideal when it comes to deploying a wide range of unique and professional design, surveying and installation services to clients nationwide.

Midbrook benefit from a highly experienced team but retain a small, customer-centric approach, ensuring excellent customer service. Our team is incredibly driven and motivated, boasting individuals with unique skill-sets allowing us to fulfil the disparate needs of an increasingly diverse client base across the full gamut of UK industries.

Industrial mezzanine flooring

Although Midbrook offer a diverse array of services, there is no denying that mezzanine floors are our speciality and to this end we offer highly affordable, durable mezzanine floor solutions of great quality – perfect for clients seeking extra space without the expense and hassle of relocation. We are constantly designing and installing quality mezzanine floors to enable our clients to boost their storage capacity, free up space for operations and integrate quiet office space away from the warehouse floor. Whatever particular needs you may have Midbrook pride ourselves in our ability to pinpoint and action an appropriate solution that will exceed your expectations.

warehouse mezzanine floor

The space race

The need for extra space is one that is constantly growing and recent events have meant that many businesses have found their space requirements have exceeded their capacity thanks to an increased demand for online orders. Extra space can prove incredibly costly, but for those who can look up in their building and see unused ‘air space’ the solution can often be found. Midbrook mezzanine floors are a great investment and the most cost-effective way to take full advantage of your building’s potential as well as boosting efficiency and helping you to segregate distinct activities within your workspace.

Midbrook benefit from great experience and expertise in the design and installation of industrial, warehouse and retail mezzanine floors. Mezzanines are perfect for industrial buildings as they usually boast high ceilings. This explains why many of our clients are in small to medium sized warehouses, retail units and other commercial buildings.

Mezzanine benefits

Mezzanine floors can usually bypass the need for planning consent, which saves time, frustration and money and thanks to their steel frames the majority of work can be completed off-site to specification, leading to minimal disruption. This also leaves them open to future adjustments if necessary. Thanks to the plethora of great racking systems tailor-made for mezzanine floors it is a straightforward process to turn your mezzanine floor into a bespoke storage space, just as it is to create quiet office space or to install the relevant safety barriers and modifications for access, depending on your unique requirements. Midbrook provide these services as well as full fire protection, ensuring our clients’ needs are always met.

The Midbrook way

Midbrook have a wide network of clients from many different sectors, many becoming repeat customers. All of our clients get our full dedication and respect and though we are based in Derby and operate as a local business, with many of our customers located in Sheffield, Nottingham, Stoke and Leicester we also offer full nationwide coverage. Our turnaround times are among the fastest in the business, while our attention to detail and quality control across the board are always exceptionally high.