Office & Retail Mezzanine Floors

By utilising unused space in commercial and retail units, installing a mezzanine floor is the ideal solution for companies needing to expand or consolidate operations without the upheaval and disruption of relocation.  Many commercial units feature building heights that accommodate excessive headroom, meaning there is plenty of space remaining unproductive. Single or multi-tier mezzanines can be installed to use this essentially ‘free’ air space for office/administrative purposes.

Similarly, mezzanine floors can be installed to create abundant additional space for sales or storage within existing retail units. Working in partnership with building contractors, or architects we ensure the retail floors are brought into use as swiftly as possible.

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There are many reasons why businesses feel the need to expand. In retail environments an increasing number of businesses are needing larger amounts of space for online order fulfilment. This includes the likes of book and record shops, who having been forced into online marketplaces due to Covid-19 have now found that they have a substantial demand for online sales, but with shops reopening, many will not easily be able to accommodate the online operation.

This is the perfect example of a mezzanine floor installation as the solution. Even for shops that have managed to accommodate online operations without a mezzanine may find that they have compromised their on-site office space. A mezzanine can either take over the online fulfilment area or be converted for office space. Shops with sufficient ceiling height can take advantage of a mezzanine floor today, by getting in touch with Midbrook.

Office space is a great use for a mezzanine floor in many kinds of facilities. In warehouses and other manufacturing facilities, having offices on a mezzanine floor allows for a quieter space, above and away from the general melee below. A mezzanine office also allows managers a bird’s eye view of operations below, helping with planning decisions and pinpointing any operational inefficiencies. There is no limit to the sophistication of a mezzanine office and soundproofing can also be achieved quite easily if needed.

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