Mezzanine floors can provide excellent extra space for a wide range of businesses, from offices to warehouses, to offices in warehouses. Whatever your space quandary, if the building allows for it, the addition of a mezzanine can provide a solution that is quick, easy and relatively inexpensive when compared with the alternatives.

A mezzanine floor will provide a versatile and cost-effective increase in space without the expense or hassle of finding or building an additional property. Planning permission applications, which can be very time consuming are often avoided and mezzanine floors are also, crucially not included in business rates. Mezzanine floors are highly customisable and flexible to future changes and also provide a separate floor level that allows for segregation of distinct activity types within one building, should that be necessary. One particular example is the addition of a mezzanine floor for use as offices within an otherwise industrial building, like a warehouse. Mezzanines in this context allow managers to oversee activity below, while also providing a relatively tranquil oasis away from the noise of the warehouse itself in order to get administrative tasks done more efficiently.

The addition of a mezzanine floor offers the potential for creating a warehouse space that is fitted with bespoke racking that can provide exceptional storage for any kind of item, thanks to the range of specialist storage systems on the market. Having such specialised storage capacity can revolutionise the day-to-day working of any warehouse, making inventory easy to find and pick, speeding up processing and de-cluttering the rest of the warehouse, to make other tasks easier to achieve. You can also reduce the risk of accidents and injuries by creating a better division of distinct tasks thanks to a mezzanine floor.

Another benefit of mezzanine floors in a warehouse environment and for storage functions is that they are incredibly robust, which means they can take a high weight per square metre. This means that a mezzanine floor can be perfect for storing bulkier items, freeing up valuable space elsewhere.

Mezzanine floors are not restricted to industrial buildings. Retail and commercial buildings can also benefit from the addition of a mezzanine floor. Such an addition can give an office an extra aesthetic dimension and can function to provide a separate space for an entire team as well as some extra storage space. You can also choose to make your mezzanine floor a collection of meeting rooms, or a break area for employees to relax, eat their lunch or hold impromptu meetings. A so-called breakout area has so many benefits in terms of morale, wellbeing, hygiene (food kept away from work stations) and stimulating ideas and discussion. In terms of office space there is nothing that you would find lacking from a mezzanine floor, as they can be fitted with all of the necessary accoutrements for kitting out your space.

Moving to a new premises is costly, creates stress and can cause downtime and disruption to your business. A mezzanine floor, in contrast makes use of free air space and is a quick, simple and cost-effective way to boost your office or warehousing space with minimal disruption.