There are so many incredible benefits of choosing a mezzanine floor as a mechanism to create extra space for your business that it is a tough ask to get through them in a feature like this, but here goes. This article assumes you are thinking of introducing a mezzanine floor in your existing warehouse or building.

Mezzanine floors are a fantastic way of increasing your workspace without breaking the bank. They are cheaper than renting extra space or building an external extension and it is often a real benefit to be able to expand without having two distinct, separated buildings – keeping things close knit and under one roof. Financially speaking a mezzanine floor is incredibly prudent. You can often avoid planning permission applications (which are laborious and time consuming) and mezzanine floors are exempt from business rates. In addition they are relatively inexpensive to install, certainly saving money when compared to an extension.

Mezzanine floors offer great flexibility as they can allow for an element of separation within a hectic warehouse environment. It is often highly desirable to be able to separate areas of a building in which very distinct tasks are carried out. The mezzanine floor is a great way to achieve this. Let’s assume you are planning to use the mezzanine floor for office space, for a moment. Well, historically the mezzanine floor was often inhabited by management, allowing them not only to oversee their employees and assess productivity, but also as a means of getting a bird’s eye view and pinpointing how any changes could boost efficiency in the building.

They say that clutter is the enemy of clarity – well having a mezzanine floor that is fitted with appropriate racking can make an enormous difference when it comes to keeping things off the floor, filed away properly and easy to find. This not only speeds up processing but in removing clutter from the floor it will reduce the risk of accidents in the workplace and the costly downtime and litigation that can result when injuries occur.

Mezzanine floors are very sturdy, allowing for an extremely impressive weight per square metre ratio, making them very suitable for storage of bulky and heavy inventory and equipment. You are blessed with a wide range of made for purpose racking and storage systems that can be installed by your mezzanine flooring specialist to turn your mezzanine floor into a stunning storage area. If you need to make changes going forward then mezzanine floors are relatively easy to disassemble and customise too.

So, you can see that mezzanine floors benefit from the following incredible characteristics, making them the ideal choice for inexpensive and sensible expansion:

  • Flexibility and room for customisation
  • Inexpensive
  • Help keep activity under one roof
  • There are a wide range of racking and storage systems
  • Allow for a bird’s eye view of the activity below
  • Allow for a degree of separation of distinct tasks
  • Can avoid planning permission and business rates
  • Help keep floor spaces clutter free, avoiding accidents